In a recent project in San Diego, CA, our technician performed a comprehensive evaluation of the plumbing system. The initial step involved testing the shower pressure and conducting a thorough inspection to identify any underlying issues. Subsequently, the technician removed and replaced the shower head, ensuring optimal functionality. Following this, attention was directed to the right-side sink, which was found to be badly clogged. Despite attempts with a mechanical rooter snake, the blockage persisted. As a solution, the technician recommended returning to complete additional work, which entails cutting a section of the drain under the right side in the master bathroom. This will allow access to the sewer for clearing the clogged drain. The sewer line comprises a 1 1/4 DWV copper pipe and 45” fitting. Additionally, the dirty arm and P-trap will be replaced during the next visit, pending discussion of costs with NCPG. These measures will ensure the restoration of proper drainage and the efficient functioning of the plumbing system in the master bathroom.

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