In the coastal neighborhood of Point Loma, CA, EPS completed an installation of the Moen Flo Smart Water Shutoff for a local resident. This advanced device offers superior protection against water damage compared to traditional manual shut-off valves. The automatic shutoff uses modern technology to enhance the homeowner’s ability to monitor and control their water system more effectively than ever before. 

This device significantly advances home water management by providing 24/7 monitoring of the entire water system. It detects unusual water flow, pressure changes, or temperatures that could indicate a leak. Upon detecting a threat, it automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent potential water damage. Unlike manual valves, which require physical presence and operation to turn off the water supply, the Moen Flo offers automated control that reacts instantly to plumbing issues. This immediate response is crucial, especially when homeowners are away from the house, providing peace of mind and preventing extensive damage and costly repairs.

The recent installation of the Moen Flo Smart Water Shutoff in Point Loma is a perfect example of how technology can offer superior protection over traditional methods. Don’t wait for a plumbing emergency to take action. Contact EPS to upgrade your plumbing system and experience the ultimate in-home water management technology.

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