In Poway, CA, our skilled plumbing team recently completed a comprehensive rough-in bathroom plumbing job for a hallway bathroom remodel. The rough0in phase involves installing new water and drain pipes before the final fixtures are implemented. This foundational work sets the stage for the bathroom’s functionality, ensuring all water supply and waste systems are correctly positioned and securely installed. Our project encompassed a full re-piping using PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) and copper-to-PEX transition fittings to ensure a seamless and reliable connection between the different materials.

The scope of work included the addition of new hot and cold water lines to accommodate a Jack and Jill vanity, providing a dual sink setup that enhances the bathroom’s usability and convenience. We also raised the water connection for the toilet to align with the new bathroom layout, ensuring optimal function and aesthetic coherence. Installing a new tub shower valve and raising the shower head were key aspects of this job, which will enhance the showering experience with improved water flow and temperature control. The addition of an extra drain line for the Jack and Jill vanity sink and the re-piping of the tub’s waste and overflow systems were also critical, as these updates ensure efficient water drainage and prevent potential leaks.

This rough-in plumbing job in Poway not only transformed the bathroom’s infrastructure but also set a solid foundation for the final installation of fixtures, tiles, and other finishes. By utilizing high-quality materials like PEX and implementing thoughtful design changes, EPS has prepared the space for a functional and stylish bathroom. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or new construction and need expert plumbing services, our team is ready to lay the groundwork for your project. Contact EPS at (858) 428-2637 or click here today! 


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